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The Digital Identity of your Motorcycle

Imagine to be able creating the Digital Identity of your motorcycle, to make your motorcycle grow over time and leave a fingerprint of her whole life.

Now stop imagine it and start doing it!

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History of your motorcycle

Keep all the documentation of your motorcycle in one place: revisions, modifications, accessories, preparations, KM, etc.

Guaranteed as unmodifiable

The innovative Blockchain technology guarantees the upload date and the immutability of the stored documentation

Resale value

Take advantage of all the information stored to create trust in the buyer during the sales process. Get a fair price for your motorcycle, your accessories and modifications.

The Problems

We asked to several motorcycle owners about problems that occur in the motorcycle second hand market and we discovered:

The lack of trust between buyer and seller in the second hand motorcycle market

A low motorcycle price in private reselling: this happen also if the owner invested

A low or null value of motorcycle accessories and modifications in private reselling

The Solution

Motoblockchain is the first platform that helps you in keeping track of the full history of your motorcycles. Thanks to our platforms now you can store in our database every invoice or document related with money or time invested in your motorcycle: proof of modifications, tuning or added accessories, history of KM, history of maintenance, modifications, improvements, etc. All your documentation is saved into Blockchain:

Thanks to this process, every document became unmodifiable, hacker proof.

Time Stamped:

Additionally the Blockchain Time Stamp system guarantee the time and date you saved the documentation. It cannot be modified, ever.

What you gain

When the time for you to sell your motorcycle arrive (soon or lees it will come, but we are sure you will buy a better one soon!), you will take advantage of all the stored information, by gaining trust from buyers as well as reaching a higher sales price.
The Digital Identity created helps you recover the love (and the money too!) you invested in your motorcycle during years and it is inhered by the new owner after that the sales ends.
Howmuch a motorcycle that brings with her the digital history of his whole life would be woth to be a buyer.
And, if one day you decide to cell it, would you like to recover the time and the money invested in taking care of your motorcycle?
Howmuch the modifications, accessories, preparations, customizations would be worth when you decide to resell your motorcycle in the used market?
How much are your efforts worth caring about, checking, updating, improving, and personalizing your motorcycle?
How much would a buyer be willing to pay in order to fully trust the history of the second hand motorcycle he is buying?

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