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MV Agusta Dragster RC Shining Gold is a one-off special

MV Agusta Dragster RC Shining Gold is a one-off special

MV Agusta have confirmed that just one Dragster 800 RC Shining Gold special edition will be produced, with the only model already delivered to the customer.

Featuring a gold effect livery, which has been achieved through an anodising and gold clear coating process, alongside lashings of aluminium and carbon fibre, the bike has also been gifted with an SC Project Reparto Corse exhaust, complete with a golden shroud.

What's more, MV also supplied an X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon helmet, finished in a matching gold livery.

Speaking about the bike online, the Italian firm said: "Created for a special customer, this unique model brings together the best in mirror silvering and detail finishing."

Released on Wednesday, May 29, the minute-long short film has been viewed over 84,000 times on the firm’s YouTube channel and depicts the woman straddling the new retro-inspired, limited-run sportsbike, along with a series of close up shots of both her and the machine.

Upon release, many took to social media to complain about the video, insisting that the use of women in this way to sell motorcycles was outdated.

This included Twitter user Michael Banovsky, who shared the video online and said: "If you need a modern example of gross male gaze turned up to 11, here's a new 2019 MV Agusta launch video featuring a naked woman exploring every facet of their brand-new motorcycle."  


This was added to by Amanda Hellmann, who posted on the firm’s Facebook page: "Obviously the bike’s not appealing, so they resort to sex. Big fail and will lose them a lot of female interest.

"Time companies woke up and realised that biking is no longer solely a male sport and that females ride as well! Not only that but, your forgetting female partners have a lot of input into major purchases such as motorbikes and this ad will not endear them to your brand."

Speaking with MCN earlier this week, Sardarov defended the advert, saying: "At MV Agusta have a slogan: 'Motorcycle art' and that’s strongly associated with the spirit of what we do.

"The video that we released was the vision of its creator. He wanted to show that emotional connection between human and machine in a very provocative and intimate way," he added.

"I stand behind it because at the end of the day we appreciate the polarised opinion, but it’s good for the conversation and we definitely were not looking to upset anyone.

"We knew that it could create the different polarised opinions and we were ready for that because we strongly believe that the artistic expressions shouldn’t be criticised."

Although the bike cannot be heard in the video, it does show a burnout being performed, as well as detailed shots of both the front and rear lights.



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